Patients and Visitors Guide - Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

The mission of Silver Lake Medical Center is to deliver quality, compassionate, safe healthcare to our patients and to the community we serve through our employees and the physicians that practice in our hospital.

Our Vision

To be the hospital preferred by patients, employees and medical staff for the following areas: Geriatrics, Behavioral Health, Spine & Orthopedic Surgery, and Metabolic & Weight Loss Surgery

Our Values

Compassion - It is in our nature to feel for the suffering of others
Objective - We seek the truth and to understand all perspectives
Dedication - We are wholeheartedly devoted to our cause organization
Empathy - We recognize emotions that are being experienced by others
Integrity - Our actions are consistent with our values, principles, methods, measures, and commitments.
Dependable - We are worthy of trust – we are reliable.
Supportive - We build others up.
Teamwork - We function as a single unit and depend on the contribution of individuals.
Evolving - We embrace and drive improvement.
Loyalty - We are unswerving allegiance to our cause.
Resourceful - We deal skillfully and promptly with new situations.

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